Would You Like to Save on Your Pet Medications?

Let’s face it, pets are expensive. All the same, we tend to treat our pets better than we treat ourselves when it comes to food, supplements and medications. Many people will forgo their own dietary and medical needs to ensure their pet has all the best products on the market to ensure a long happy life. So, how can we save money on our most beloved four pawed friends, without giving up anything we believe is in their best interests?

Well, there is a way. Most people don’t know they can ask their veterinarian for a written prescription for their pet meds. Just like a script from your doctor, you can present the pet prescription to your pharmacist. Since many pet medications are in fact human generics, they are readily available at your pharmacy.

There is even better news. You can save much more by finding a free discount pet medication card on the Internet. The discounts on these cards can be up to 75% off published pharmacy prices. The pet owner simply takes their written pet prescription and the discount card to their pharmacy. These cards provide discounts for domestic animals as well as livestock.

Obtaining your pet medications at your pharmacy has several advantages. First, many medications are readily available at your pharmacy. No need to wait for a prescription from a mail order or Internet pharmacy. Second, your pharmacy will always have fresh medications that are produced under strict regulations by US pharmaceutical companies. Online pharmacies may dispense medications that are procured from other countries, where the content product cannot be assured to meet US pharmaceutical standards. Finally, your pharmacist is a well-educated professional, and is always available for consultation.

According to a 2011 Consumers Report study, less than one-third of pet owners obtain their pet medications at pharmacies, even though pet medications are less expensive at the pharmacy than the vet. Vet markups on medications start at 100% over cost and can be as much as 160%, plus a $5 to $15 dispensing fee. Many pharmacy human generics are $4 for 30 days or $10 for 90 days. So it makes sense to ask your vet for a written prescription that you can take to the pharmacy.

The AVMA (American Veterinarian Medical Association) has concluded that the majority (31) of Veterinary State Boards are fairly consistent in requiring that Veterinarians must write a script when requested by the pet’s owner. In most states, a veterinarian who denies the request for a written script can face disciplinary action for violating the AVMA code of ethics.

There is absolutely no reason to fill your pet prescriptions through your veterinarian—always request a written script to fill at your local pharmacy. Also be sure to check online to find free discount pet cards to reduce the pharmacy price even further. Your wallet will thank you.

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